Fez Cerberus Tinker Kit Stopped deploying


First I would like to say it is a very well designed device well done.

I am runing the system using VirtualBox and I have been programming on VisualStudio and deplying without a problem but suddenly it stopped working and I get the

An error has occurred: please check your hardware.

I searched the error and saw that I may need a firmware update but when using FEZ config I tried to check if it needed update but it just hangs. I adjusted so that the USB connection at virtualBox so it reconnects automatically but it still hangs.

I have the feeling the device got locked in a bad state and needs a reset or something but I have not managed to do it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Did not solve the problem but found a work-around

After a day or so trying to get it working I found an old laptop with Windows XP and I am working on it. Still when I try to deploy the application I have to reboot the device for the deployment to work.

@ lssilva - This may be a problem related to the WinUSB drivers. Windows XP does not have native support for WinUSB. While our installer copies the required files for WinUSB on Windows XP, it has not been fully tested as Microsoft no longer supports XP. I would try to reinstall our SDK, selecting Legacy Drivers instead.

Thanks James,

On VirtualBox I had Windows 7 on my laptop windows xp.

It works on Windows XP just need to do some reset before deploy.