FEZ Cerberus stopped working

I was working on a project for school using the FEZ Cerberus tinker kit, all was going well. Then I packed everything up and went to class, then when I next set down to work on it, nothing powers up (LCD doesn’t light up) and I can’t program the device. I keep getting a check your hardware error when I try, as the debugger fails while at the Querying Device Assemblies step. I am on a Macbook Pro using VMWare to run Windows 7. Windows recognizes the device, as does Visual Studio and FEZ config, ping returns TinyCLR in Fez Config, but when I try to write to the device, nothing.

hi WJohns94, welcome to the forum !

https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/165/netmf-and-gadgeteer-troubleshooting is the troubleshooting guide. Since you can see the device in device manager, and you can ping it, the CLR is running - but likely very busy on your application. Check out the section “Unable to Deploy from VS due to application code”, and you’ll need to run through the application erase or firmware replacement process to get back to working - then you need to figure out why your code is doing that :slight_smile:

@ Brett - Ok I opened MFDeploy, but it fails to see the device on the USB. FEZ config sees it and can ping it, and I can see it in my device manager, but I can’t find it using MFDeploy. I closed down all other applications that may be trying to access it as well.

EDIT: I updated the loader, trying to update the firmware now, but it keeps failing.

This is where I am at now. It keeps failing

@ Wjohns94 - Is there any way you can try to update outside of a virtual machine?