FEZ Cerberus Mainboard Gadgeteer LCD

First congrats on the release of the new FEZ Cerberus products!

I love the fact that its high speed & of a package that is easily solderable.

I have been using this 320x240 color lcd for a few years now and love it.

Very low cost only $18 bucks in singles. THe one thing like about it is that the LCD controller is built into the LCD, and it can be used in SPI mode rather than 8,16 or 18 bit parallel format.

If i make a Gadgeteer module of this for SPI interface, and give all drawings and files to GHI would they consider making a driver available for it so that things like GLIDE could be used on it ?

OR is this more of a phone call situation

320x240x2 = 153600 bytes. So using Bitmap class, Glide, Font class…etc. is not an option.

If you were to use that display then it will be done like FEZ Touch, very simple graphics and simple fonts.

Yes it can be done.

Sorry Gus, i cant believe i missed something that obvious as the memory issue.

@ jdal

Where did you get that price? Mikro lists $31.00 and another $25.00 for shipping :’(


The display alone can be bought for roughly that price. I think that’s what he meant.