FEZ Cerberus I2C through Arduino compatible headers


I am trying to use the seeeduino base shield with FEZ Cerberus Net. However, I cannot find I2C pins on FEZ Cerberus NET. The A4/A5 seems not connected with I2C as in Arduino Uno.

Is there any pins from Arduino compatible headers I can use for I2C?


Just use software i2c. It is built into our libraries. Remember you may need pull up resistors in the i2c pins.

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Thanks Gus.

I will try it tonight. I tried software i2c on Netduino Plus 2 and the performance is not impressive. That is why I would like to check what would be the performance like for the hardware i2c. Maybe I will get some break out module for testing them from Gadgeteer connectors.


Was it C# implement of i2c? Ours is built in native.

What are you connecting over i2c?