FEZ Cerberus Firmware update

I’m trying to update FEZ Cerberus and I have some difficulties:
If I follow instructions in:
I can read: “To activate bootloader v2, set PA15 pin low.” Isn’t it PC1 instead ?
If I do this, I can see in Tera Term v2.0.4 which seems to be fine.
I send firmware, but after resetting, even if device manager can see a device, I can’t deploy to it.

Today I was struggling to update FEZ Cerbuino Bee as well and found that connecting PA10 to GND enabled the serial bootloader mode. This should also work with Cerberus.

Are you sure of PA10 ? Isn’t it PB10 ?

This is really awkward :flushed:
I seem to have lost my way interpreting the Arduino style connectors on the Cerbuino. It is actually PC1 I’m using (as you already mentioned in your mail)
What I did in Tera Term was E(rase) and U(pload using Xmodem 1k) the Cerb Firmware v0.6.0.glb file.
I use Ms Visual Studio Community 2017 to build and start applications.

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It works. It is PC1 !!!
Thanks a lot.

The pins under the Boot Pins section are correct http://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/legacy_products/gadgeteer/fez_cerberus.html#the-boot-pins

We will fix the mention of PA15.

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I have seen it is already done on dev brach of doc ! What an efficiency !

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