FEZ Cerberus and RS485

@ skeller - Hi I am very interested in buying this product as it is exactly what I am looking for so are you willing to sell them or is it in the hands of GHI now? Mark Ayling (UK).

@ skeller

This is an interesting module but from what I could see on the MAXIM website is that it is a 5V only device.

My concern on this is interfacing to 3.3V only devices.

Most of the GHI boards have 5V tolerant processors but some of the newer ones like the G400 are not.

Will you be considering adding level shifting to the RX and TX lines to cater for this? A simple Mosfet and 2 resistors is all that would be needed.


Sorry for the slow response.

I see ianlee74 provided the best answer, thanks.

@ mullens I did turn the project over to GHI and I can see from their product page they did a great job.

many thanks that is great news as it cuts down build cost for my systems and allows a much smaller footprint as well. Hope GHI have some stock soon…