FEZ Cerberus, 2 free samples are shipping

We have been talking about this for a while and I would like to add that FEZ Cerberus is not an idea. We have had samples for about a month now.

Yes it is Gadgeteer mainboard and yes it is OSH, 100% open source :wink: We wanted to to get this out sooner but Hydra/holidays are taking all our developers’ time. This delay was actually good as we were able to make it even better!

So, 2 of these will ship (maybe today) to Architect and to Errorl. When I asked Santa on why to these guys, he pointed me to this link GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software and to this link http://tinyclr.com/forum/20/4691/

Architect and Errol, please email me the address where you like them shipped.

Awesome! Looking forward to wider availability. :slight_smile:


Oh man! This is so cool! E-mail sent.

Thank you!

Are you sure those aren’t just cardboard with pretty pictures printed on them? :wink: Let’s see the other side!

Congrats guys and thanks for all your work!

+100 on the kudos. You really do help Gus stay sane :slight_smile:

congratulations and don’t forget to post pictures! 8)

Congrats ! don’t forget NOT to sign any non-disclosure document :wink:

I have counted 10 sockets. Don’t worry - there will be plenty of pictures ;D

I think maybe 16. I see 6 on one long edge and 2 on a short end. Hard to tell what’s on their parallel sides but if we assume the same… This is not at all what I was expecting. I was thinking Cerberos would be smaller than Hydra :think:

I count 16 sockets too :stuck_out_tongue:
GUS?? PICTURES :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i could almost reach out and grab one…

i counted 20 sockets… LOL

We need to buy Gus a better camera ;D

I thought the new iPhone was supposed to have an outstanding new camera… Again, I think this is all a conspiracy. Much like the photos of Bigfoot - they’re always blurry. There’s no such thing as a Cerberos :wink:

TThere is a Cerberus! It attacked my sister on a camping trip once. Demanding she buy more modules. :wink:

[quote]I have counted 10 sockets.[/quote] I take that back, it is 14.

How in the heck are you guys counting sockets? What is giving it away?

Look closer on the image. You can see some of the sockets and then just approximate given size of the board and size of the socket. Take into account place for mcu,etc.

But what is the processor and speed?

Hint is in the Gus’s first message in this thread. :wink:

Yay! Santa remembered! ;D

Thanks Gus!! ;D