FEZ Cerb40 Programming

I’m looking to develop code for the FEZ Cerb40 in Keil. I’m able to compile my code and generate a .hex file for the device, however, I’m not sure how I am to program the hex file? I know i need to tie the LODR pin to the 3.3V line, but can I use a simple utility like STM32 ST-Link Utility or similar? I have no interest in running .NET code on this device, only ANSI C. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

On this page
I found Pins PA13 and PA14 as JTAG-Pins.

Ah, excellent. What did you use to program it with?

Nevermind, I think I can just use an STM32 Discovery Kit. Thanks!

I never used a Cerb40 or an STM32 ST-Link and have no experience with ARM controllers.

But I am using a Keil Professional with ULink2 on 8051 controllers.

… and next week I will start the adventure on MCB1800 and/or SIM3C1xx :slight_smile: