FEZ Cerb40 II as USB Device


I would like to use the FEZ Cerb40 II as a USB device (client). For that, I would expect to free up the USB port by switching to Serial debugging instead.

I have not been able to figure this out yet - any advice on how to do this? I remember I did something similar in the past with the FEZ Panda II device.


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The Cerb 40 uses the OSHW firmware. At the present time, the OSHW firmware does not provide USB client support for HID devices and CDC. This is only provided by GHI for devices which use the premium library.

The Micro Framework does provide a low level USB interface , so you I suppose you could implement a client device driver.

This might be an easier approach: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/287

Thanks MIke!

It is a shame, I really like the small form factor of the FEZ Cerb40 II. I built a very early prototype, with an old FEZ Mini. It does the job, but it has since been discontinued from production.

What would the equivalent be in the current catalog? The FEZ mini is fast enough, so form factor is one of the more important factors.

Maybe this one? https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/399

@ sorenbendtsen - What kind of USB client device are you trying to emulate? Keyboard, mouse or serial port?

The Cobra II is a nice device at a good price.

It connects as HID, and does simple digital and analog IO. I need a very low quantity, so I am actually considering buying FEZ Mini’s from sites that still have them in stock.

There isn’t really a currently available device comparable to the FEZ Mini. Mostly, GHI is focusing on Gadgeteer, which necessarily requires larger devices, to fit the sockets.

@ sorenbendtsen - we still build panda top some customers. Contact us with how many you need. Not promising but we maybe able to get you some.

@ Gus - What would be the minimum number of Pandas? I’ve got a big box of eBlocks that I use for education, and could use some more pandas (and the eBlock shield design files) to increase my max class size.