Fez Cerb40 CAN Channels and Code interchangeable with Cobra?

Goofy title I know, didn’t know how to start this one.

First question is how many CAN Channels does the Cerb40 (in dip package) have?

Second, If I did most of my development on the Cobra (G120), the code should prort over to the Cerb40 fairly easily right? Does the same CAN object carry over?


I’d advise doing your development on the cerb40 (or some other Cerb family device )from the get go. The Cobra II has way way way more RAM and Flash. It’s easy to write something that won’t fit on the verb and end up needing to pair things down drastically.

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Do you know how many CAN Channels the Cerb40 supports?

The chip has 2, but the cerb40 only has pins for 1.

You can find this information on the schematic.

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Thanks for responding!

Do you know if the GHI implementation can be used to repurpose any of the other pins for CAN?


@ zeroaviation - Sadly it cannot. CAN1 and CAN2 will always use their same pins.

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Thanks John!

Disappointing, but I guess I will make it work :slight_smile: