Fez cerb 40

Hello !
i’m new in this forum . I bought few days ago a couple of Fez cerb 40 from mouser electronics, so no one work i give 3,3V on the pin , but when i plug the usb connector my computer don’t see anything . Some one have my same problems ? some one can help me ?
Thank you so much

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Have you installed the required SDKs?


thank you.
Yes i did .Before to buy the fez cerb40 i bought fez panda II and she work

The most common mistake is not having the latest firmware. Please make sure you have the latest SDK, see release notes. After installation, make sure you’ve loaded the latest firmware on the device. The firmware is updated though the integrated updater software found under the start menu. If that fails, or if your device doesn’t have such software, you can always run the update manually.

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I was not able to see the Cerb40 in my devices list until I flashed the firmware, i.e. GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software. I simply ran a wire from the LODR-pin to the 3.3V Pin and I was able to update the firmware - it should work for you also. After that, the Cerb40 showed up in my devices list, but was listed as ‘Cerb-family’ - for some reasons I had to reinstall the USB drivers for it to show up as a ‘GHI debuggable device’ under the USB-devices.

So try and flash the firmware and let us know how (hopefully) it lists itself under your devices list. Oh, and welcome to the forum!

I try all but nothing :-((( when i plug my usb cable i don’t hear any sound . My os i windows xp maybe can be this ?

Windows xp should be ok. You should check the device manager (http://0.tqn.com/d/pcsupport/1/G/R/2/-/-/device-manager-xp-larger.jpg) to see if the unit appears, and not just listen for the sound. But I’m guessing you’re probably already checking the device manager.

So trying to eliminate the issues, one by one, did you try …

a) … every available USB port on the machine? I’ve had faulty USB ports myself.
b) … plugging the Cerb40 into a powered USB hub?
c) … pluggin the Cebr40 into a different PC altogether?

@ Giants - Are you powering Cerb40 properly? I mean on Cerb 40 isn’t regulator and must be bought separately and soldered on the board with capacitor. When the regulator is in place, you can power Cerb40 from USB.

Please lookt at this topic on Wiki: GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software


GUYS THANKY YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP . My (i think) only chance is buy another one and complete with the components (regulator and capacitor ). Right now i give 3,3v with external power supply and the pin reset and lodr are free . I try to reinstall again the usb driver but nothing… it’s amazing .

Nooo, don’t give up, stay with us…

Best start from scratch. Do you have a Gadgeteer-board? Supposing you do, try this:

  1. cut a Gadgeteer-table in half. seperate the outermost two wires (the red and the gray furthest from it) and de-isolate them (I just use my teeth…)

  2. wrap the red cable around the Cerb40 LODR through-hole. Extend the wire to also provide power to the 3.3v through-hole. Wrap the gray wire hole through the GND through-hole next to the 3.3v through-hole.

  3. place the gadgeteer-cable in any socket, any which one, in your mainboard. Plug in the usb power module and plug it to the PC or usb-hub [em]of a different computer than the one you want your Cerb40 to work on[/em].

  4. plug in your Cerb40 to the PC you want it to work on.

Does this bring up something, anything at all, in your Windows XP device manager? What comes up?

I have a FEZ PANDA II . I continus to try but nothing work . Next week i buy other fez cer40 and components and i try again i won’t surrender .But again thank you so much for the help

Alright good stuff, hope you fare better next time. Or just ask again and we’ll set up a Skype session or something.

Let’s assume TinyBooter is corrupt. I’d short the LODR pin to 3.3V and reset the board (by cutting power or by pulling RESET down to ground). Shorting LODR to 3.3V should enable the built-in bootloader to run. If Windows finds the device, you should be able to re-flash the firmware and you’ll be on your way.

I had same problem. And this helped me: http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Firmware_Update_FEZ_Cerberus