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Fez causes ADD... but in a good way. And a servo controller question


To skip my rambling, just to bottom 3 paragraphs. :slight_smile:
Ok, I over purchased when I bought this, extremely fun item.

My goal was to make a MVC Web server. Porting code to Micro Framework is a lot more time consuming than originally thought. Especially when I have to make low level class functions like string.format().

My ADD event is that I take a break from the server, I end up taking 3+ hours playing with code to drive the servo controller, DC motor controller, LCD display, IR Remote reciever, etc. This is a good problem.

Discovery, and looking for advice: after playing with the Fez servo controller and the SSC-32 controller, I like the SSC-32 better. Mostly since my PC software was designed to drive the SSC-32, so there is a lot less conversion, and I am lazy, to where I have become spoiled by the group move.

Finally Question: Are there any other recommended servo controllers that you guys have played with, and like?

Note to webmaster: These forums really don’t like IE9 (Beta). Click bold, and the tags get inserted in strange locations.


please do not combine your FEZ question with note to web master if you want the web master to see your note :slight_smile: I forwarded this note to him


For the most part, beta browsers will work, but theres no official guarantee. We absolutely plan to support IE9, but until the official release well probably hold off on making changes.


Since he now has FEZ induced ADD, you didn’t expect his post to contain a single train of thought, did you? :smiley:


Thx mhectorgato, for encouraging my bad humor.

Gus & Josh, For sanity sake, I have posted a reminder to not post to the forum after midnight, when I know I should be sleeping. I read my post this morning, and am surprised at how coherent I was.

Post reason still stands though… Anyone else play with other servo controllers, and like them?


Nubiarn is building SSC24. Here is the link to the thread:


[quote]Nubiarn is building SSC24. Here is the link to the thread:[/quote]
That is exactly what I am looking for. Thx.