FEZ can play audio. You only need a wire!

How mush does it cost you to add audio playback to FEZ? It costs you a piece of wire! Yes that is all you need to play wav audio files. Now, this is not meant to play music but it is ideal if your product/project will need to voice out some commands or alerts.

Maybe dial a number or playback a message … You can probably think of a million ways to use this.

Here is a little video [url]- YouTube

This will be added to the SDK coming next week and will be demoed at maker faire as well.

Here’s the project page:
(link removed)

Great work guys! I can see so many uses for this and i’m sure other community members will be just as excited. It’s so nice that you consider and then add such useful features and functionality and not just fluff.

Love the example in the video. Where did you get the audio files from?

I tried to google it again and I couldn’t find it! lol

I think it comes from Family Guy

I’m sure there will be some free/open source libraries out there we can use.

We needed few sounds so we just used text to speech and recorded it. It sounded very good.

I am waiting to see someone coming up with text to speech right on FEZ! You can learn from speakjet and do the same sounds to generate any word [url]http://www.tinyclr.com/downloads/Shield/speakjet-usermanual.pdf[/url]


I might be doing that pretty soon. No promises yet, but I have been wanting to put a talking function into my Cobra alarm clock. I could patch it in to the 5.1 surround sound I have in my room. Right now, I am using my netbook as the alarm, but that is getting to be a hassle having both on.

Hmm perhaps we could work out how to use commercial speech libraries for full size .net?