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FEZ board availability


I know that this question has been asked several times but…

Is there still plan to release the Fez board.?
Actually this one is not anymore mentionned on the TinyClr section.
Or is it better to use the netduino if we plan to use a arduino compatible format



I second the question. Expectations have been betrayed on Fez board… I’d really like to have a go with it…


Same for me :blush:


Good things happen to those who wait :wink:


I know but … days, weeks, years… if it is centuries then I will be dead for a long time :grin:


I can tell you this…you will be VERY happy when you see what have been cooking. About 2 years of work! Imagine how great it will be after all this work!


OK I trust you. And long life to TinyClr & GHI :blush:


Gus, don’t let the cat out of the bag. But, we’re very excited here. Everyone on site is just as anxious. We’ve been quiet for BIG reasons. The best part is, no one will have to wait for Christmas to open their gifts.


Hmmm …. what are we waiting for ??? why do I visit this site every day ??? how do I get all the old features to work on VS2017 ? Ethernet ? USB ? SQL Lite ?

We are waiting for a cat ?? in a bag ??


You visit because you still trust us and we are working hard to not betray your trust.



Thanks Gus … will wait