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FEZ at maker faire


We wish the whole community could come and meet us but maker faire can be a bit too far for some. I will keep this thread updated with pictures

Waiting for flight, hosting our own LAN party


in NY, heading to hall of science


shillin’ on the way


unpacking and we have visitors already :slight_smile:


more visitors while unpacking


still trying to organize what we have … a lot of power packs!! Maybe 20!


all kind of cool projects need to go somewhere :slight_smile:


Looking very classy guys, keep up the photos for those of us not able to make it!


Almost at Penn Station. Will be there within an hour.


I can see what I miss the most now! :smiley:

Thanks Gus.



What game is playing in the first picture.


I think its QuakeLive, not sure.


looks like quake live.


Kids love tictactoe :smiley:


More toys


wait…is this kid trying to get my lunch with the robot arm!!! no no no :o


Who said girls do not love electronics? :smiley:


Cool :smiley: Girls seem to love electronics :smiley:


watchout for the FezBI (FEZ FBI :slight_smile: )


loooooool FEZBI.
We should have anew board with this name.