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FEZ 4.3" Display Kit Help


I read the documentation for the 4.3" display kit which i have added to my Cobra board.
I have followed the example for the source code, but the compiler is complaining

"Error 2 The name ‘Resources’ does not exist in the current context "

Is there some other file they forgot to mention that i need to add ?

Here is the direct link to the doc.


OK, program compiles and downloads but the screen still shows the same information it did when it was out of the box. I.E. 320x240. Why does the code not seem to be running on it ?


You have to load the program, run it and then reset for config to take effect


did that several times, same results every time. Though i did find the fix for it.
I found this link by you here

Updated the firmware and that took care of the issue.


We almost gave you a hint already when you posted here, see image below, item #1 :slight_smile:

Glad you got it to work