Few more website updates

We’ve made some more changes to the website. Including making the side menu slightly easier to read and click. It also will remain on the left while scrolling on the Catalog and Forum. We also hyperlinked sections on the community page, increasted list sizes and topic/post columns.


The left menu goes on top of everything when zooming in. Using Android with chrome browser.

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The same problem shows on chrome on nexus 7 and on chrome running on a pc. Only when zooming in, the menus moves to the right to cover everything, like this very Message.

I like your old web, the Top left fixed menu will cover some text,
Not comfortable ,always having a stick shows on your screen.

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I think you need to clear your cache and try again. Looks like you have a CSS problem. Which browser are you usng?

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Thank you ianlee74, it is cache problem, now looks great.

Sweet! It’s now much better for me. Thanks.

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The changes do look nice but:

You have used up a good 15% of the screen space just to keep the menu on the left.

You might think about leaving the menu where it was and fix the position of the black menu bar. Then scroll everything below that. That way you don’t loose the space on the left.

Just another idea.

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I’m sure this has been brought up before but what would really be nice is if there was some code to actually make the old links to tinyclr.com point to the real targets instead of just the start page. I’m sure that would be quite some undertaking with the forum changes so I’d assume you’d need a mapping table of old link -> new link.

Of course a parser going through the entire db and updating all the old links would be awesome but I’m not sure how much work would be required.

I admit I have been away from the community for quite a while (probably a year or more) and just came back with the G400 release so maybe everyone else is fine with the new links and I’m the only one struggling with this…

Good Job Josh…:slight_smile:

A Google search will often result in much better targeted results to specific information within the community forums than the internal “search forum” function.

However now a lot of the links followed take you to the “Moved to Community” redirect page, but often the link there only goes to the Community top level page rather than the item you wanted to read.