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Felt bored - DFRobotic Quad Relay driver available


Was looking at my collection of relays and decide to put together a driver for the DFRobotic Quad Relay ( ) I had laying about. Not sure why anyone would use this as it requires the relays to be externally powered (ie the barrel plug to be powered), but the source code and drivers are now available here


Thanks, Duke. Just one comment… I noticed you followed the GHI way of doing things by having properties of .Relay1, .Relay2, etc. I always cringe when I run into this because it doesn’t lend itself to very programmer-friendly code vs. accessing the relays by index with something like .Relay[2]. Gadgeteer’s strong point is rapid prototyping and I think the drivers should help make that as rapid as possible even if it does occasionally cost an extra cycle to be lost. Perhaps the best solution is to have both interfaces.


Actually this is a better built module than that of seed, because it removes those issue of limited current…
Even that of GHI suffers from some issues…