Feels like XMas again with new toys

I now have a supported screen plus a nice new RFID reader module.

Trying to come up with an Internet Of Things Banking idea with Gadgeteer connection to our companies demo server via its API.

Need to learn how do get REST stuff working on the Raptor (Eventually with HTTPS)

Can anyone recommend a good display board I can use to mount all this stuff on available in the UK?

@ jasuk70 - The Holey Board! ;D

I would, but it would cost more to ship it than the board and bits are worth :wink:

Unless someone based in the UK has stock?


@ jasuk70 - we will get you one out today, just keep us posted of your project and how it goes if you do any demos.

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@ jasuk70 - You should be able to find a Tamiya Universal board somewhere nearby which should do in a pinch.

@ Gary Thanks :slight_smile:

@ Duke Nukem - +1 for the Tamiya Universal Plates. I got a bunch from Pololu.com, and the work will, and come in a variety of sizes.

The holey boards are nice, too, worth the advantage of fitting in the blue FEZ bins.

Or drive up the A1…

I know you have some too, how far up the A1 and would my life insurance cover me on that road?

So lots of options for sure, so no excuses to getting the prototype finished up. I’m doing a student RFID project as well so hopefully video time today or tomorrow.

Can you actually fit a Raptor, Display (that looks like the 4.3"), RFID, USB Client DP and Ethernet all on the Holey Board? Maybe with a lot of standoffs.

For a demo project, I’d probably go with something larger. This one would probably do the trick nicely:

@ Gary, to be clear…not knocking the Holey Board. Just happened to take a second look at @ jasuk70’s pic, and seems like those components would be crowded on the smaller board.

@ devhammer - you are right. The holey board is made to fit inside the blue boxes we ship with kits.

@ devhammer - if you have never notice the T43 and Raptor are the exact same size with the mounting holes aligning so for demonstrations they can be mounted together.

Good to know, as I don’t have either, so haven’t had the opportunity to test that.

I’d probably use them that way in a product, but for demos, I prefer not to stack modules over mainboards, so I can more easily point out the sockets and what they support.

@ devhammer - thats why you mount the workhorse stuff on one side of the holey board and the visual awesome result stuff on the other! ;D

Here is what you can put on a single holey board:

  • Joystick
  • Button
  • SD Card:
  • USB Client DB (under SD Card)
  • Raptor:
  • ENC 28
  • LED7C
  • Tune
  • USB Host:
  • SerCam

The T43 could be mounted on top of the Raptor:

@ Reinhard Ostermeier & @ Gary - No doubt you can mount a bunch more stuff if you use both sides of the board. Again, if I was building a product prototype, that would be totally fine.

For the kinds of demos I usually do, stacking modules or using both sides of the board makes it harder to demo (board won’t usually sit flat on a surface, and have to flip the board to show all the components).

Not trying to be difficult, just saying that one size does not fit all…and this is coming from someone who bought a bunch of holey boards during the last sale. They’re great boards.

Thanks everyone. I was actually thinking of using both sides of a board and make raise up the board its self. (SD card, power and ehternet underneath and the main board and screen on top. I’ve already got a set of longer cables.


@ Gary The board has arrived. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered the standoffs, nuts and bolts etc.

Looking at the board and the size of the components, I plan on mounting the screen over the Raptor (Perfect fit) and mounting the other components at the other end of the board and underneath. I’ll make it fit in that blue box :wink:

@ jasuk70 - Under no circumstance should you let the dragon eat the monkey! ;D


The dragon is protecting the monkey from thieving fingers :wink: