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Feeding WPF Touch Data


In the manual, there is a part that states it is possible to feed the touch screen manager raw inputs. How is this done?

To clarify, how do I keep the flexibility of WPF without using the TSC2046.


I know we had this working in NETMF 3.0 but then in 4.0 things changed quite a bit and we were going to look into it but I do not think we did yet!


Can someone look into this? I am going to a 5-wire touch screen in my design and I do not have the time to roll my own touch manager.


I will pass it on but I can tell you that we are extremely busy with 2 new things coming up very shortly.


2 new things!!! :o :dance:


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no no … 2 new FREE things :slight_smile:


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Gus, this feature is a deal-breaker for me. We have to go to 5-wire for accuracy in the environment our product is designed for, so if this isn’t something GHI can fix within the next 2-4 weeks then I need to know that.


This is not a “GHI” specific request. You may try to request this directly from Microsoft as they may have the answer already.

We will try our best meanwhile. It may not be possible but we wouldn’t know till we try.

Of course you can use GHI’s consulting services to add some functionality in the firmware to cover your needs.


Has anyone tried using “SetTouchInput”, referenced here:

It looks like you just give it the X and Y coordinates but I haven’t had an opportunity to test this so I wanted to see if anyone had tried feeding points through this and had success with WPF registering touches.