Feedback Request

I’ve just given a complete update. Every page has been rewritten from the bottom up with a focus on usability and readability.

So I’d like some feedback; not only on the new site but on our products (both free and commercial).

What would you like to see more of?
What would you like to see less of?
What will make you more productive or get that pet project off the ground?

Let me know because I really want to give you guys the best. :smiley:

what happened to GameSlate ?

It’s still coming but I’ve taking off the products list until there’s at least a significant beta available

@ Skewworks - I like the new site - nice & clean. The main thing I think needs improving is the “Downloads” page. Too much scrolling is required. Maybe reduce the size of the icons.

An idea… That fancy new OLED Gadgeteer module could probably be helped with a library. Video maybe? I don’t have a need just yet but it seems down your alley :wink:

I really like it but I also think the download page icons are too big.

same goes for Documents page

Good feedback so far :slight_smile:

I made the icons big because I thought it helped readability and there’s a submenu to narrow down by product. I will definitely take another crack at it and find something that works better. Any suggestions?

Sign-up confirmation e-mail is taken forever to get. Account is locked without it.

Forum Feedback? The big forum post “tiles”… give me small lines of text any day :slight_smile:

@ Architect, yep there was an issue with that one email. Changed a post name and forgot to update. It should have been sent now; if not let me know and I’ll unlock your account.

@ Brett just today or prior? I moved the beta forum live awhile ago but it didn’t get all of the improvements until today :wink:

Got it, thanks! Smileys don’t work in comments.

I see your smiley on the forum…is it on blog or something?

It doesn’t work here:

Found and fixed! Helps when you include the JS as well as the CSS. :wink:

I appreciate it; you’ve always been great at testing stuff out and giving feedback. In fact if you want a copy of Spiral/.NET Clix say the word and I’ll throw you a copy as thanks.

My pleasure! Thanks for the offer, I am overwhelmed with my current projects, but I will keep that in mind and will knock on your door later. ;D