Feedback for NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 Beta-3

Today we are pleased to announce the release of “NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 Beta-3”, , we would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or bugs that you might have or find.

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“No such topic exists”
The dot should not be part of the link
here is the correct one

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@ Reinhard Ostermeier - fixed thanks

@ andre.m - We are considering such a thing for a future release. See my last two posts in

That we did. This 4.3 beta has a completely rewritten install chain based on Wix instead of the Visual Studio installer template, so not everything survived.

Do you prefer full control over every option or an additional option like “Runtime Only” as Reinhard suggested in the other thread where you only get FEZ Config + Drivers?

We’ll keep that in mind for the next beta

Full control is what I would have for me as well.
But for our IT guys, I would prefer a “Runtime installer”.
Today they installed a new computer, and they called me at least 20 times, on how they have to install something, they had installed many times before already :wall:
They do this every time, and can not manage to write instructions for them selfs.
If I write instructions, they call may anyway

The more options there are the more things that can go wrong and the harder it is for new users. We hope to get to something that is useful to everyone.

I still cannot update G400 friendly name on Windows 8.1.

Fezconfig from 4.2 does that just fine.

How do we use SD_SPI with the G400 with this new version as there was no parameter to pass into the configuration as there used to be?

It’s a dropped feature, as per release notes.

Bugger! That means I go back to pre-beta as I am not going to scrap 10 boards just to be able to add PPP.

So much for compatibility that was talked about over the last few weeks. Not quite drop in if this sort of change happens. :frowning:


Initial tests not good. When I call connect() I get the following exception straight away.

 #### Message: 
    #### System.IO.Ports.SerialPort::get_Length [IP: 0003] ####
 Uncaught exception 
    #### Exception System.NotSupportedException - 0x00000000 (32) ####
    #### Message: 
    #### System.IO.Ports.SerialPort::get_Length [IP: 0003] ####

According to the MS docs, it’s not supported.

After update my Cobra II net is dead. I see GHI driver, can connect to FEZ config, but any operation disconnect cobra. I’m also unable to use it with VS. I reinstalled everything, and didn’t work. Is there any way to initialize Cobra?

Hi, my Raptor is stuck in tinybooter mode after updating to latest firmware( using fez config. What should I do to get him work normally?

if it’s stuck in bootloader mode, then it likely didn’t complete the firmware installation successfully. I’d go back to the firmware update process.

Where does RelayISOX16 go? :open_mouth:

I am new to this, so I forgot to update Loader, then was firmware updated successfully.

@ Simon from Vilnius - Have you tried with multplie G400’s, if you have them?

@ tvinko - It was discontinued so it was moved to the discontinued Gadgeteer products SDK. Did you update TinyBooter?

@ miroga - Did you also update TinyBooter using the script we provide? If so, try Reboot CLR under the Advanced menu.

@ Dave McLaughlin - is there any more to that stack trace?

John, yes, after updateing TinyBooter everything is ok.