Feature request

Dear Gentlemen

First, thanks a lot for the useful lib.

I use it in a small test project and spend some time to check a part of the functionality and would like to give you some feedback about two points:

GlideLoader class:
I prefer a more open class implementation, that I am able to use my own controls, deriveded from the DisplayObject class. My suggestion is, to make the GlideLoader as a Singleton pattern (non static) and declare the GetComponent as virtual.
That allows my, to build my own Control Collection, based on DisplayObject

Sorry, but I used the Reflector and implemented my own Loader, based on the GlideLoader :wink: . So I can use my own implemented controls.

DisplayObject class:
It looks like, the Disposed Method is never called. :o Do I something wrong ?

If you support a more open GlideLoader, it is possible for the community to share their controls :wink:

@ community: your opinion ?

Regards and thanks a lot for you work