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Feasible to tweet images?



I was wondering wither anyone has experience of uploading photo’s using API’s such as TwitPic or even Flickr using the fez spider and Ethernet?

My experience is limited and I wondered wither it’s feasible and if someone could point me in the right direction.

Mikedodaro’s has an excellent example use a Rest Web service ( Is it possible to also use this for TwitPic and is a Rest Web service the only or the easiest way?

Thanks in advance for any advice. :slight_smile:


90% of your challenge will be finding a way to have an image and attach that to a tweet. If you can find the API or REST call to allow that, then you have a chance. OAUTH challenges aside of course :slight_smile:

the other 10% of your challenge will be capturing an image in a format usable by above API. You will likely need a JPG or PNG, you won’t be able to have a BMP, so you will need to have some way to capture that reasonably. Perhaps that’s 20% and the earlier bit is 80%. Or maybe the balance is 50:50, but either way these two are what I see as the most challenging pieces :slight_smile:


It’s completely doable. On the code section I posted not only a twitter client but a png decoder as well.


Check out MicroTweet on CodePlex and Architect improved upon it with a FEZ friendly version that’s available through his website as well. I don’t think either do pics yet but I believe Architect worked out the OAuth issues and would probably love a TwitPic contribution :wink:


Not me:


Oops! My bad. I guess it was Skewworks. Sorry, Tom. It’s been a while since that thread… :frowning:


Thanks for the info and it gives me an idea were to start.

I myself would love a TwitPic contribution! I’m not sure my coding is up to it but I’ll give it a shot!

I’ll be sure to share my progress


@ Ian, haha no worries

@ ShapingStuff check out the Twitter API page, it’s pretty straight forward, all the calls are blindingly simple once OAuth is out of the way. You should be able to copy/paste one of the existing calls and simply change the parameters to fit the new call.


@ skewworks, speaking of OAUTH, I wasn’t sure what option to explore on the to set that up based on your code. I assume it’s the “PIN” method, since that talks about not being able to access a browser (which I interpret as really saying there’s no UI to get to a browser/embedded twitter page). Can you confirm thats right?