Faulty Hydra‏

Hi all.

I sent this email to ghielec@ ghielectronics.com, but didn’t receive a reply. I’d appreciate someone from GHI responding to this, preferably via email.


My father bought me a FEZ Hydra along with many other items some while ago and gave it as a gift two days ago. I also got many other items.
The purchase details are:

04/20/2012 04202012-195F - - - $459.50 Completed Completed 04/23/2012 CJ464934899US

Upon opening the packages, everything seemed OK, except of a problem with the Hydra - a capacitor (I think) was out of the board and came loose in the package. I’m attaching a photo I took of the Hydra and the loose capacitor.

I have been in contact for many weeks with the good guys in the GHI forum (my nickname’s Gabriel3) and am incredibly disappointed I cannot start playing with the Gadgeteer stuff my father got me. If any other module arrived broken, I could live with it, but the main board? That is really sad.

I don’t blame anyone, and of course not you guys at GHI. I’ve got only good words for your support and availability so far. I am just conveying my lack of satisfaction and disappointment of the stuff I got. I’m sure it left GHI in 100% condition.

Please advice as to what can I do to find myself with a working Hydra.



We always reply same day while keeping in mind holidays.

Indeed. The 4th of July slipped my mind.
So much for cultural awareness on my behalf.