Faulty Gadgeteer ( FEZ Spider ) board

I have 2 FEZ Spider boards, the 1st one i was working with for about a week and it stopped. currently there is a red LED flashing on the USB Client DP but the main board is dead, no power light or any other form of activity.

Then i took my second unit out of its box and plugged it in. Did the whole firmware update procedure and uploaded my code to it, now on this one the reset button does not work and it does not pickup the SD card.

any ideas?

Only a suggestion (for 2nd board).

Go through the firmware reset process again, and just deploy a simple test application to it. See if that works (you may need to do several resets to get the device to appear to respond to be able to deploy the firmware if your app is not behaving well)

reloaded firmware again but no joy, reset button still faulty and SD card module still faulty.

so let me check - you only put a test app on it right? Blink led? and that didn’t work?

What does “did not work mean”? Can you please ping the device from MFDeploy? What do you see under device manager?

Reply to Brett and Gus,

if you are referring to the first board, then no, can’t connect to board in any way, and it does not power on.
did try to ping it but no response at all.

if you are referring to second board, then the board works fine with current code, except for the fact that the reset button on the board does not work.

Is it stuck or it is pushed down but doesn’t reset the board? I have seen it where buttons get stuck after reflow process and a bit extra pressure get it unstuck. Try to press it hard few time, if not luck contact GHI for exchange.

Gus, it does not seem to be stuck, i did try to press down hard on it a couple of times and does make the normal clicking sound. but still no luck.

will get in contact with my supplier to arrange exchange

thank you