Farewell loved ones

Someone remember to feed and water me, because I think I’ll be locked in my cave for the next few months.

New offerings coming from GHI.
Universal Apps will run on XBOX One retail
Win10 on RasPi
VS Community & Code
MS Edge (aka Project Spartan)
Cortana on the desktop
etc, etc, etc.

I’m not just a kid in a candy store. I’m a kid in a candy store after eating ALL the candy!

Seriously though…someone needs to feed and water me.


Heck, just the Windows.Devices namespace is enough to keep me busy for quite a long time…


Write, when you get a chance.

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So far tonight I’ve upgraded the laptop to Win10, got the RasPi2 setup with Win10 IoT and now I’m installing VS15 to start playing w/ RasiPi development.

Looks like it’s time for Skewworks to jump on some RasPiWin10 GUI development. :smiley:


Ive got the water covered
(I got extremely bored and somehow I made this)

Edit: I remember now, it was taking the "feed me and water me literally);
No food though

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@ Skewworks - I think you meant new offerings from MS not GHI.

And you are right - it is a candy store!!! :wink:

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Did the same thing here yesterday. This is very cool!, They have a way to go yet but so far it’s very promising!
Now if they could just get rid of the PS, and have VS connect directly to the device that would get rid of that PITA step.

Which step?

VS can connect directly to the device for deployment and debugging. Powershell is what you want for a command-line. http://ip-or-device-name is what you want for simple monitoring and management.


Thanks Pete, I thought the Powershell needed to be started so that VS could connect to it. Nice to know this is not the case.

No worries. It’s the VS remote deploy/debugging service that has to be running on the Pi 2 to deploy. In earlier builds, it would shut down for no good reason, so we had to powershell in and manually run iot.cmd to start the service. On the public build, that should be taken care of for you.

Also, the default experience is just an app. You can replace that with your own app once you want the device to be something you put in the field. You’ll usually set this up via powershell.


@ Skewworks - Let me know when you get hungry I will bring you some food. I’m only 30 min away.
I eagerly anticipate what nuggets of wisdom you find on your quest.

@ skeller - You’re near LA? Nice! I’m in Agoura Hills. I’m out here every month for work, if you want to meet up sometime just send me a direct msg. :slight_smile:

@ Skewworks - Ooops I must have been mis-informed. :wall: For some reason I thought you were in Aurora, IL.

@ skeller - He goes back-and-forth, we call him a “jet setter” ;D

Yup, that’s where I live, I’m just out in LA right now. I go out for work every month. I’ll be back tomorrow though so we can meet up sometime. :slight_smile:

The postman just keeps ringing and ringing and I keep grinning and grinning. RPi2’s yesterday, a full mole of Molecules today, and my Spider kit and Cerbuino Net ought to arrive in the next 1 to 20 days (postal service - don’t get me started). And I already have my next order planned out for when the Pi Hat is available. I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Piles to go before I sleep…


@ mcalsyn - No Mg yet ??

@ PiWi - I have one of the the elusive Si blocks in there, but not an Mg. That’s ok with me for now because the Si (a storage block) is immediately useful for logging, and my queue of stuff-to-do is quite full without adding the temptation of playing with Mg.