Fake FEZ Pandas?

I just saw these pop up in my twitter client as “New Arrivals”. Is there a lot of inventory of Panda’s still out there or could these be knock-offs? Definitely aren’t clearance prices.


OMG That the old FEZ Panda. Where did they get it from?

61 Euros :o Watterott here sold them for less than 30 but they’re out of stock now.

This is awesome! FEZ got so cool that it is being copied now.

So, these are not made by GHI? Looks very close.

Yeah, but if they are crap quality, you may not want to have GHI name associated with them.

And you may end up replacing some. If you believe they are indeed knock-offs, I would at least let the reseller know so they don’t expect you to support them. Of course, in this case the retailer may very well be the producer…

I agree that the picture looks legit.

Can GHI get in touch with these guys and determine if they are fakes or just a box of old inventory that somebody found. An “official” blurb from GHI would be helpful for unsuspecting buyers if they come here to find out more about a Panda. Even if they are real, it would be a shame for anybody to buy one at that price.

FYI they still have panda I and II at robotshop, for at least half that price :smiley:

Those are legit, I recently ordered some for hobby.

Have Fun :wink:

These have got to be knock off’s. The rc fever office is in hong kong
Here is the address etc

Fever Toys Limited

Hong Kong Office Address:
Rm. B1, 4/F, Tai Cheung Factory Bld., 3 Wing Ming Street.,
Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Sorry our office is NOT open for public, if you need any order, please MAKE the order online.
If you want to visit our office, please kindly make appointment by phone or email 2 business days before the visit.

Hmm tai Cheung factory bld…

Get you a sweet deal on a FEZ Domino for only $229! :smiley:


That’s really the best part of this. At these prices, they won’t sell any. :slight_smile:

Hahahahahahah a panda II at 99 bucks too ! Crazy.
Have a look at the prices of their arduinos as well. It’s like a work of fiction.

I guess these board slowly migrate into “antiques” category.

They’ve got to recover their R & D costs… :wink:

True, using an x-ray to look at the board layers can be expensive in bribes to medical staff

What’s interesting is that they have a pretty intelligent shopping cart; it globalises the price based on your location, so I see everything in AU$, so they’re not really fly-by-nighters. They expect global customers wanting their stuff.

I just hope that whoever buys one doesn’t end up with a blank LPC chip on a board instead of a real GHI USBizi, that certainly would be a sour outcome.

Is there any actual reason to believe they’re fake? They could’ve been sourced from anywhere, like Mouser…

We need to convince GHI to buy one and tell us if this is true :smiley:

I’m no expert, but I do not think these are fake. I think they managed to get ahold of a bunch of them somehow, but they look too close when what I can tell to be fake. Also, where’d they get the FW from?

Comparing these to my real Panda I definitely do not think these are fakes. Everything, from the circuit references to the locations of the vias matches up, assuming they have the boards they are selling in the images.