Fade-in and -out on onboard RGB-led (Mountaineer Ethernet board)


I want to fade-in and -out on onboard RGB-led on Mountaineer Ethernet board. But I can’t. I know C# programming, but novice in programming on NetMF.

I wrote the code, but the LED does not fade:

var pwm = new PWM(OnboardIO.PwmBlue, 10000, 0.1, false);

var i = 0.0;
while (true)
    pwm.DutyCycle = i;

    i += 0.1;


Thanks for your help

Your duty cycle will exceed 100% in 100 seconds .

You also need to reduce the cycle

I agree, but within 10 seconds, the LED need to fade in?

Are you saying the LED does not go from dark to fully lighted?

I checked the PWM class documentation and saw that 100% duty cycle is represented by a 1.0 not 100.0.

With your code the LED would go to full in a second.

Are you seeing an exception in the output window of visual studio?

Are you sure the onboard LEDs are attached to PWM ports? In the datasheet and schematic I don’t see it.

Yes. The onboard LED does not lighted up. If I use simple port (without PWM) LED has lighted.


In the http://www.mountaineer.org/app/download/6083970675/Mountaineer.Netmf.Hardware.pdf on the page 12. There are the code:

/// <summary>
/// on-board LED Blue, PE14/PWM_CH7
/// </summary>
public const Cpu.PWMChannel PwmBlue = Cpu.PWMChannel.PWM_7;

So… I think, that on-board led has PWM. Or I’m wrong?

try moving the start method outside the while loop

it’s working! Mea culpa. In the code above, I was initializing:

var bl = new OutputPort(OnboardIO.LedBlue, false)

I do not consider that the port can only be opened in one of two modes (simple and PWM). I just commented the line with the “new OutputPort” and it worked.

Mike, thanks for your help!

Consider to add some code to fade in and fade out the led to this project: