Eye Tracking for the Kinect - EyeCharm

OK so this is cool, eye tracking capabilities for the Kinect via adding NUIA EyeCharm.

Very cool. I may have to back this one. I’ve been having some peripheral nerve problems over the past year and I think a lot of it has to do with keeping my hand on a mouse for much of the day. I’ve been seeking out alternatives. This sounds like a good one.

One thing that puzzles me… They say Angry Birds is a good example of where to use this. When I play Angry Birds with a mouse, it only works because I can look where I’m aiming and move the mouse in the opposite direction to aim. How would this work if your expected to drag the cursor in the opposite direction of where you need to be looking?

Mayyyyyyybe everyone just feels like they have to shoehorn Angry Birds into projects to make them popular these days!

I am more excited about this one:

Yeah the Mycestro is pretty awesome. $80 is just a bit steep to me right now…possibly a justified price, but until the jury comes back on real world use I can’t see myself paying more than $50 or so.

I’ll let you know in October :wink: