Extreme soldering

I take pride of my skills in soldering but when I saw this soldering by Mike, I knew I have to show you this … He added some resistors in line of the traces. Basically cutting the traces and then soldering the resistors. It is so small, he had to place them on their side!!

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no, he cheated with two !!! :wink:

@ Brett - Actually I went back and put those two on their side. :slight_smile:

Show off :slight_smile:

Nice job, Michael! Did you use an iron or hot air?

ok, that’s better. Hope you got the numbers all the same way, and on the same side? If not, that’s worth fixing too :wink: :wink:

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@ Gus - After seeing the picture it looked messy, so I had to fix it.

@ ianlee74 - Iron with a fine tip.

@ Brett - On the first board no, but the second board yes :slight_smile:

impressive :slight_smile:

i send some pictures next week from 0201 components mounted manual ( but soldered in reflow) Still you need more feeling than vision to place this by hand…

this was a result from wrong data imput at eurocircuits, but we realy needed the PCB’s…