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Extra SD Card sockets


Hi all,

Is it possible to extend the Panda II with two additional SD card readers? Preferably both with card detect pins. From what I get the onboard one uses a 4bit thing, the two additional ones would be connected to SPI. I’m not sure where the card detect pins would go yet. These would probably use two additions pins on the Panda II?

Would it be possible to read from these two additional card readers? I mean how would you address these, calling GetDirectories("\SD" ) would read from the onboard one I assume?

Or would you have to mount a certain reader, then access it with “\SD” and unmount the reader before being able to mount another one?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated, I’m new to all this coming from a coding background.


You can even add more using USB host. You need a USB sd card reader


So I can add an off the shelf USB hub and add multiple USB SD card readers?

I was looking into using the USB for an USB Smart Card Reader (ISO7816)… can I have that smart card reader and the two SD card readers on an USB hub and connect that to the Panda II?

(I would have to do the hardware bit with the two resistors and freeing the USB from the link with VS2010 of course from what I read so far…)

I’ve read about the quick response time on this forum… you do not disappoint :slight_smile:


Thanks :smiley: but actually responses are slow today. It is Christmas :wink: