Extra NAND FAT file system

Hi, I got some extra nand coming 4gb, like to run in through SPI, does anyone know how to turn SPI into FAT file system storage



You can use those through SPI easily but we do not support file system on them directly, at least not currently.

Yes dataflash.

Is it possible to upgrade the current 256MB NAND FLASH? Do, you know of any plans to be able to use SPI as FAT file in the near future?

Many Thanks

Everything is possible with serious commercial needs. No current plans due to the lack of feature request

PFAT is available for free from skewworks.com, it was designed for arduino so it’s lacking features but you could add them easily enough.

Time to port PFAT to NETMF? :slight_smile:

Or maybe a file system that specifically made to work well with NETMF

If there is a need/use for it I have no problems porting it.

I personally do not see the need but someone have just asked so maybe!

If I find myself with a few spare hours I’ll get it ported. I’m pretty sure I have an I2C EEPROM chip laying around in my bin-o-parts somewhere.

You can even simulate it using RAM…or it can RAM/EERPOM file system even. Not sure why…but why not! :slight_smile:

Haha! Yes, this is exactly what we need a RAM FileSystem. :smiley: