External wakeup problem (Mountaineer v4.3.1 b3)

External wakeup problem (Mountaineer v4.3.1 b3)

Exact is working, I thought. And I produce circuit.
But I can not run for 3 days.

Does anyone have any information?

I have a budget to help, I need quick help.
Thank you so much.

GHI is working.

  • But a small number of serial ports on it. (I’m using 4 units)
  • It does not support the MFUpdate.

I use a wake-up pins;
[ul]PA0 -> EXTI0 ch
PC1 -> EXTI1 ch
PA2 -> EXTI2 ch
PC4 -> EXTI4 ch
PC5 -> EXTI5 / 9 ch
PB8 -> EXTI5 / 9 ch
PA10 -> EXTI10 / 15 ch
PC13 -> EXTI10 / 15 ch[/ul]
none wake processor!

I tried codes;

  1. Trial
PowerState.WakeupEvents | = HardwareEvent.OEMReserved1;
PowerState.Sleep (SleepLevel.DeepSleep, HardwareEvent.OEMReserved1);
  1. Trial
PowerState.WakeupEvents | = HardwareEvent.GeneralPurpose; 
PowerState.Sleep (SleepLevel.DeepSleep, HardwareEvent.GeneralPurpose );
  1. Trial
PowerState.WakeupEvents | = HardwareEvent.OEMReserved2;
PowerState.Sleep (SleepLevel.DeepSleep, HardwareEvent.OEMReserved2);