External Power Supply for FEZ Spider

I’ve recently started playing around with the FEZ Spider kit. I am wondering what others have used as an external power source.

Has anyone built your own power supply?

Building your own power supply is a bad idea unless it is 200mA! When you need 1A or more or more than it is better to just get a power pack. Plus you will be saving a lot of money as power packs are VERY cheap http://www.amazon.com/Power-Adapter-Supply-2-1mm-CCTV/dp/B00452YFZU/ref=pd_sbs_op_3

Thanks for the link. I have many power supplies laying around I think I could salvage. I was hoping to make this autonomous and make it run off a power pack that could be recharged when needed. I am just nervous about putting too much power (or too little) to the device and breaking it as I know little about power.

If you are using USB Client DP module, look on the back and you will see 7V to 30V. I can’t see any way you can damage the module with 12V power pack. It even has reverse voltage protection in case you got the wrong pack :slight_smile:

Is the 2.1mm barrel jack from amazon the correct size for Cerbuino Bee / Gadgeteer DP supply?