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External Memory Controller on 2388 or 2478 chipset


Is there a way to access the External Memory Controller on the USbizi144(2388) or the EMX module chip(2478) through with .NET micro framework?

I have a chip that can only be accessed this way.


great question, so just a follow on question.

You’re obviously not going to be able to do this on a GHI pre-populated board, where the external memory lines go nowhere. So you’re really asking, if you build a board using a USBizi144 and an external memory chip wired in, will the GHI netmf implementation on USBizi144 be able to access the external memory ?

The EMX given that it’s a “module”, is probably already using the memory controller to give it access to extra memory anyway, so that might be trickier.


You can use parallel port class instead. Slower but ready to use.
Then make your own board based on usbizi in future if you need more speed.

It all depends on what you are connecting which you didn’t specify.


@ Max

What chip do you have ? How many address lines ? data bus 8 bit , 16 bit ???, May be RD,WR,OE annd CS ?


sorry for the delay,

I cannot give any information on what the chip does (IP thing).

The chip has 16 pin bi directional databus and 7 pin address lines. It does have write, read and chip select and processor mode select.

I havent used the parallel port class, would it be able to handle this configuration? Or if there are any other suggestions on a microcontroller to interface with this chip running the .NET Microframework.

Thanks in advance.


For 16-bit you need to implement your own parallel port class which simulates a 16bit parallel but but uses any IOs.

I asked on what the chip does so I can get an idea of what kind of speed you would need. Either way, using IOs to simulate parallel bus should be a good start. You will use RLP of course.

You can always call GHI to learn about options if this is a commercial application.