External Flash as storage drive

can i use external flash (because of 8 Mbyte is far enought) instead Usb Flash / Sd Card to store on it sqlite db and do read and write
info on that db like to an storage.

or it have diferent purpose.

Correct. We are still determining how we are going to expose the remaining 8mb. Likely we are going to give you a file system access just like SD. But this is low on the priority list to be honest.

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I would add an up-vote for external flash accessible like SD.!!!

Sometimes an SD card goes bad. Our device configuration, loggfiles, etc are on SD.
Our default configuration is hardcoded in, should SD go bad and not super-critical if we can’t log data, but this big problem of SD going bad is: ‘We cannot OTA a new App’.

You do have storage today already.

To clarify, I am saying you have options today. And we are looking into it.