Extending FEZ Spider (6 stepper motors,2 cameras, Wifi and multiple LED)

I have a question on how best to “Extend” my FEZ Spider. I want to make platform using 4 stepper motors with mecanum wheels for drive, with 2 cameras streaming real-time video over Wi-fi and use Multiple LED for lighting. I will use two more stepper motors to achieve

I have no issue programming each of these in isolation but how do I extend my FEZ Spider to have more sockets to plug modules into. Is there a limit to how many modules can be plugged into a single board?

Hello bsaunders,
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check out this link it will show all of GHI current and future modules: http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/category/275/
with that said the ones you would most likely need are as follow:

Motor Driver Module to get you started…

and or:
and if you need more IO’s: you would get:
and or :

and before i forget you may want to invest in the Extender Module found here:
and check out the MakeBread v2 or 3 coming out soon… which i happen to like a lot since it has the a Header soldered which makes it easy to use with JUMPER wires…
here: GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

and last not least do not forget to read the tutorials here: Support – GHI Electronics

Welcome to the community…