Extender module pin conflict at runtime

GT.Interfaces.PWMOutput buzzer = extender.SetupPWMOutput(GT.Socket.Pin.Seven);

I have an extender module in socket 8 of my Fez Spider. Why am I getting a runtime exception about a pin conflict? I don’t have anything else using socket 8. I also tried pin 9. Same results.

Do you have any other modules connected or instantiated in the application?

Yes, I have the following modules in use:

  1. Red power
  2. Pulse Oximeter
  3. Button
  4. 7LED
  5. Extender
  6. Joystick
  7. Touch
  8. Relays
    12-14. Screen.

Hmmm… That pin is not used by any other sockets.

Show full method where you use that code, please.

Stupid me.
I found the problem. I didn’t make the handle for the PWM object static, and was trying to create another one.
Thank you for listening.

That what i thought. No problem!