Extender module broken?


Today I was programming my webserver, when I suddenly noticed that my digital, analog an interrupt inputs didn’t work anymore on my extender module.

I just measured the voltage coming from the extender module, and it’s 0V.

Does anyone has an idea of what’s happening here?

Is voltage going into the module? Make sure your cable is connected and try a different cable. Otherwise, about the only other thing on that module are solder joints. Check them.

I just measured again:
-between ground and 5V: 0V
-between ground and 3.3V: 3.22V

Also replaced the cable, no difference.

Is it possible that my DP module doesn’t deliver the 5V anymore?

Did you measure voltage from the module or from the mainboard? Try reading the socket pins on the mainboard to rule out any problems between there and your module. Did you try using a different socket?

Anything out of ordinary on the DP module? Too hot to touch spots,discoloring,etc.?

I measured it from the extender module.
Just measured on the mainboard on a different socket, no 5V.

I don’t see any abnormal behaviour from the USB DP, nor in the whole system.
The USB DP does get kinda hot, but I read it’s normal.

This is what is currently connected:
2 multicolorLed’s in cascade
T35 display
and the extender module (on socket 9)

The image of the electronic switch with the opto-coupler is connected to pin 4

Measure the 5V pin from another socket. If you get 5V then you probably have a bad solder joint at that socket.

I measured at socket 6, no 5V.

The circuit of the IR distance sensor is connected to pin 5

The circuit of the switch is connected to pin 3, this one is interruptable

Unplug everything except DP and measure again.

and if you measure coming out of your DP module?

I measured straight from the DP module; The 5V that should come from the DP isn’t there. The 3.3 offcourse still works…

Here’s an easy check.

  1. Take everything off the mainboard except DP.
  2. Take everything off the extender module.
  3. Attach extender to any socket.
  4. Measure 5V pin on extender.

Sounds like a component on DP is fried. You can try to isolate which one and replace it.