ExtendedWeakReference reliability?

I have tried it on EMX 2 years ago and had lot of trouble.
Sometimes at power up it will return null, so the code has to go to default values.
So I ended up using a EEPROM.

Has the bugs been fixed by now.
Can I use it with some level of confidence on G120?

Can someone tell how reliable the EWR is now; on the platform they are working.

my understanding, from discussion with Microsoft years ago, is that ewr is not reliable by design! So this is not really a bug. I personally never understood the value of ewr if the data is expected to simply disappear.

Each time when I write more code or deploy something new.
The values are lot.

Is there a way the LCD touch cal can be moved to EEPROM

Take a look at this

The G120 has a few bytes if battery backed up RealTimeClock RAM. See the G120 user manual for details.

I use to find the Flash module ideal for saving all my configuration settings on. I was surprised when it got the chop.

@ Sprigo - eeprom is just like flash. I recommend using it.

@ Gus - isn’t this just for the G120 though?

@ Sprigo - correct. Thought it is g120