Explanation needed on some pins of the G120

Hello I am working at designing a board around the new G120 chip, which is gonna ship to us soon.
I’m really excited of this product due to its feature but also for it’s cheap price.
But there some pins that I can’t figure out or need some clarifications. Here’s the list:

To make the Touchscreen working on the TE35 or T35, and use a gadgeteer socket T, is that the correct pinout used:
pin1: 3.3V
pin2: 5V
pin3: AD7 pin 56 on G120 (AD6 on EMX but EMX starts at index 0 where G120 starts at index 1)
pin4: AD2 pin 50 on G120 (AD1 on EMX)
pin5: AD1 pin 52 on G120 (AD0 on EMX)
pin6: can I use any GPIO, for example pin 33 (P1_14) on G120, otherwise which GPIO is planned to be used ?
pin7: can I use any GPIO, for example pin 34 (P1_17) on G120, otherwise which GPIO is planned to be used ?
pin8: SDA pin 63 on G120
pin9: SCL pin 61 on G120
pin10: Ground
For the software, Is it possible to change the touchscreen pins manually in the touchscreen classes in the Premium library?

Serial ports OE pins for COM2, COM3, COM4, are they an Output Enable and how exactly do they work ?
Can we enable them by software and use the OE pins as normal GPIO instead ?

What is the use of ENT1# pin 7 ?

Thanks for the help!

Welcome to the community.

I highly recommend to download LPC1788 datasheet and user manual from NPX:


ENT1 is external interrupt input pin.

OE pins are output only pins for RS485 support (if I understand it right).

For the T socket question use LPC datasheet and user manual.

The touch pins will be listed in the reference design (FEZ Cobra II). Please wait a week and we will have this available for you. Same for the other questions.

Welcome to the community.

Thank you for the quick responses, I’m reading the datasheet right now to learn more about the NXP chip.
I tried to reverse engineer the pins on the FEZ Cobra II board from the preview picture, but with just one side of the board I got lost at the VIAs :slight_smile:
I will wait on the released schematic, thanks!

You shouldn’t do anything off cobra until we release a tested design soon.