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How does it work? Are these post counts?

If so, mine does not increase…? :wink:


I think these are calculated when you log in. So if you log out and log back in then it should increase. They are saved in database, just not calculated every time…to reduce server load? I do not know!


no it does not work…?


He, i did not see this replay’s as new messages :confused:

[moved question to other section]


No, I do not mind, but what does this have to do with the forum experience system? :wink:

My previously (edited) post was a mistake, it belonged into the domino topic.


He, noting to do with “the forum experience system” indeed.

Then i have misunderstanded you topic name.

I just translated as global experience, and wanted to know how you’re (the other user) doing this kind of programming. :wink:


Experience will start showing up now.


Works fine now, thank you! :wink:


Gus, if I may suggest, if server load is the issue, maybe a better option would be to recalculate the experience values on a cron job at midnight or something. That’s what’s usually done in these kind of situations, although I’m sure your web developer knows this :wink:

Logging in and out probably isn’t going to work too well for a lot of users, including myself, since I have a tendency to never log out.

Also, to everyone else in this thread, I can’t say anything right now, but you guys are going to see some neat stuff pretty soon with the whole experience thing. :wink:


You are logged in every time you open this page! You do not need to click “log in” the cookie will log you in automatically.

We are VERY close from releasing the new pages…maybe 30 minutes. It is under management review now.


Ah, ok, that makes more sense then.

Can’t wait to see the final pages!


Can’t wait either :smiley: Chris had a sneak peak… so UNFAIR :frowning:
(joking of course :wink: )