Experience with cheap eBay LCD modules

I’m looking for a source for super-cheap graphical LCD modules, and I found what I’m looking for (as usual) on eBay:


I already have two variants of these displays, both of which I purchased from GHI. They both use the ST7565 controller chip, and support a write-only serial interface. The controller also supports a read-write parallel interface, but that isn’t available on the GHI displays.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with these modules, of any similar modules. For $12 delivered (slowly), it’s hard to beat them on price (until GHI puts them on sale ;)).

No experience on those displays.

I have an Adafruit 2.8" equivalent of the Fez Touch (bought it before Fez Touch was out), but haven’t spent any time trying to get it to work - but I can tell you for me it’s a stretch trying to interpret different pin naming and getting things to work - sometimes I wonder if my tight-ar$e “cost saving” nature does me any favours and this is one area I have deliberately not dabbled. I found an ebay supplier of 4.3" touch screens the same as the one on the Cobra, for about $25 delivered to AU, but the connector and circuitry that GHI put on is non-trivial and therefore its just not sensible to go away from that.

Good luck if you do jump though ! I’d be heading towards the ones with sensible headers not those hard-to-use flexible kapton connectors ! :slight_smile: