Experience and Points

Hey Everyone
I have a question regarding Experience and Points.
I have 340 Experience points, but my rank is still ‘Newbie’. In the contribute section is said that my rank should be Minor from 250-500 experience points.
How does the system work? Is it a bug? And is there a difference between experience and points?

I think you’re right that you should be a Minor. It may be that it hasn’t recalculated you yet. I think it may only do that once a day.

The difference between “experience” and “points” is that “experience” is your lifetime accumlation of points. “Points” are your currently available points to use toward purchasing rewards. So, if you had 1000 “experience” & “points” today and you went and bought a 5% coupon and used 1000 “points” then your “experience” would still be 1000 but your “points” would be 0. Make sense?

Okay I got it, thank you :smiley:
Okay than I think it’s a bug, because I have over 250 experience since a few weeks, and the rank didn’t increase.
I hope someone from GHI takes a look at it.

I’m confused too. I’ve had over 1000 points for a while but I’m a minor.

I am Senior with 6,012 exp too. Should be Master?

Oh yeah, I’m not the only one who is affected :smiley:

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Logout and login back.

Did it 2 times today, still no higher rank :frowning:

The same for me. not works.

Your ranks are usually updated whenever experience is gained. There was a issue though that has been fixed. You should get the right rank when you reply to this post or when you logged in prior.

Great news! Thanks :slight_smile: