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Expected product lifecycle


I’m getting ready to develop a new product and I’d love to use the EMX, but I (and maybe others) would like to know what the product lifecycles are? I’d hate to develop a product based on the EMX only to see it go obsolete 12 months later… Are there any plans to release the design files for products at the end-of-life? What is the expected production cycle?



No plans to discontinue it and if we did then there is always very long time ahead with replacement. Take Embedded Master for example, EMX replaced it long time ago but it is still offered for those who still haven’t upgraded to EMX. All GHI commercial customers have the same concern as yours, so GHI goes far and beyond to make sure no surprises come to customers in the future.


Thanks Gus, makes me feel a bit better about investing time into this. Putting my order in for the EMX unit for the prototype now :slight_smile: