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Expected battery life


I plan on using the Domino for home automation. I am having r=great success but I am concerned with battery life. Comparable products on the market last about a year before batteries need to be replaced. Without any shields or USB devices, what could I expect for battery life for just the Domino, and what would be the best voltage and where should I connect it. I would like to use AA batteries. I tried using 6 batteries (9V) connected to the power adapter along with an OLED shield - power was gone in less than a day. - ps - does Thread.Sleep reduce power consumption?
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I’m using FEZ boards too for home automation. Are you interested in joining a home automation project?

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There was a discussion a while ago with low power modes.


[quote]Comparable products on the market last about a year before batteries need to be replaced.

Where do you see a 32-bit 72Mhz device running off a battery for a year?

FEZ supports hibernate and low power modes so you can do things to help in drawing less power


Thanks for your quick reply Gus. So it sounds like the board is too powerfull for what I need to do. Can you please tell me what the typical current draw is without any devices attached and if Thread.Sleep reduces power consumption or if I need to hibernate. What does the unit draw in hibernate state? This information would really be helpful to me. Surely you must have that info around somewhere (sorry if I called you Shirley)
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PS - I didn’t mean comparable boards I meant products comparable to what I am trying to make.
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If you put the Domino in hibernate state it still draws 12.5mA (and in that state you can’t run any program). So with a normal AA battery at 2500mAh you could run your system for about a week in standby. When the system runs you probably looking at 150-200mA depending on what other devices that needs power.

One way might be to power down the system and have it restarted by a RTC like DS1337. That clock draws 1.5uA so in standby the system will draw almost no current.



how are you planning on using the Domino? As remote sensor nodes?