Excellent hackable Christmas lights

Each RGB bulb is individually addressable


Enjoy :slight_smile:

Nice one


Lol, we already like those lights. ;D


can you tell I’m behind on reading here? :wink:

Picked up a set… have an interesting idea involving these, a computer, cameras and a tree. and of course, a Panda. :smiley:

Go for it! We all are interested to see different projects. :wink:

Success! Need to clean up the wrapper library. OutputCompare wasn’t fast enough to drive it so I had to geat really creative. :slight_smile: I’ll share more soon.

Driver posted to Fezzer: http://www.fezzer.com/project/196/ge-35-christmas-lights-individually-addressable/

Nice! Are you going to decorate something with it and make a video? :wink:

Show us your house full with those lights 8) :smiley:

^^^ Mmmm, that’s the problem with LED lights, you can’t really get big reels of them yet.

I think there may only be 70-100 bulbs in that reel in the video. I guess you could decorate your cubicle? ::slight_smile:

Buy 100 sets, connect them to panda, have fun, lol :smiley:

This set only has 35… Cosco carried a 50-light set but they’re sold out. I’m going to check at Lowes too.

I’m not covering the house (that’s already done with normal lights with nothing special in regard to control or animation.)

I think they’re going in a tree with the goal of some cool spacial effects.