Event driven analog inputs


I’ve received my FEZ board today and it works just fine :wink:

I have one question, though. I’ve noticed that digital inputs can be used with events or polling, but it doesn’t seem to be the case for analog inputs.

Is there any reason for that ? Or is there any plan for the future to have for example something like OnValueChange or similar on analog inputs ?

It’s no big deal, but I don’t find polling a very efficient way of programming. But I might be wrong with such boards that will keep their time polling, anyway.

FEZ is powerful enough to have few threads running. So it is okay to Poll the analog input and then raise an event if you like.

This is actually better on your side than if we were to do it since we do not know the requirements. For example, are you polling every 10ms or every 10 seconds. It is up to your application