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Ethernet Shield Di2


The Ethernet Shield information says it uses DI2. I currently am using DI2 for an I2C board. Can I change Ethernet Shield to use a different open pin?


According to this
the pin is not used for now. we are not using interrupts in the beat drivers. It looks like there is a jumper fro this pin so just make sure it is not connected on teh shield or simply bend the pin out so it doesn’t go to FEZ


So DI2 will never be needed? I’m looking for a guarantee since I need I2C. If it does or eventually will need an interrupt would it be safe to say I can remap it from DI2?


When we officially support Wiznet, you will be able to pick any pin you like


Awesome. BTW Friggn easy is a huge understatement. I am kind of bummed how easy things are!


Glad you like what you have. We look forward to see some of your inventions.